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CSPS has established a wider-networking and partnership with universities, government, and NGO with similar interest as follows: * United State Institute of Peace, USA
* Research for Education and Peace (REP), University of Sains Malaysia (USM)
* Regional SEACSN (Southeast Asia Conflict Studies Network), Penang, Malaysia
* Institute for Dispute Resolution, Khon Kaen University, Thailand
* Alliance for Conflict Transformation (ACT), Cambodia
* SIDA, Sweden
* UNDP/CPRU, Jakarta, Indonesia
* JICA, Jakarta, Indonesia
* Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES), Jakarta, Indonesia
* European Center for Conflict Prevention (ECCP), the Netherland
* Quacker International – SEA and the Pacifics
* Initiatives for International Dialogue (IID), Davao, the Phillipines
* GZO, Peace Institute, Manila, the Phillipines
* Forum Asia, Bangkok, Thailand
* HCPI, Harvard University, USA
* Bappenas, The Conflict Task Force, Jakarta, Indonesia
* Police National Headquarter, Jakarta, Indonesia
* INFID, Jakarta, Indonesia
* IRE, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
* Interfidei, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
* RIDEP, Jakarta, Indonesia
* ALDP, Papua, Indonesia
* Crisis Center, Ambon, Indonesia
* CCRP, Tadulako University, Indonesia
* Fodum DIAHI, North Mollucas, Indonesia
* Forum Peduli-HAM, Aceh, Indonesia



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