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About Us


Center for Security and Peace Studies (CSPS), Gadjah Mada University, was established on October 1st 1996 in responses to the demand for intelectual enterprise and epistemic atmosphere. Its to reshape a conception of security and peace with the goal of rising public awareness about national, regional, and international security and peace issues. CSPS is an academic research center which the mission is to produce a critical knowledge and conception about security and peace issues, and provide services for the best practical conflict resolution and peace building.

The center aims is at (1) comprehensively studying and developing conceptions of security and peace at the national, regional, and international levels, (2) disseminating understanding of recent advances in the concepts and issues of security and peace, and (3) co-operating with other institutions, domestic and abroad, to build a better understanding of various concept of security and peace.

The center has three main programs, those are security sector reform, conflict resolution, and peace building which now focuses on seven issues area of concern; (1) ethnic-religious conflict and multiculturalism; (2) self-determination and regional autonomy; (3) public policy conflict and governance; (4) security sector reform; (5) civil society and democratization; (6) crisis management; and (7) human rights advocacy.

In it strategy and approach, the center highly respects and gives priority to human security, basic human needs and rights, democracy, local initiative and capacity, empowerment and gender issues. To build its network, CSPS maintains a good relationship with government, NGOs, academic institution, and other civil society elements with similar interest.

Core Competencies

CSPS’s has core competencies to produce knowledge and provide services in the following field activities:

Conflict Analysis and Research – CSPS is service producer institution to create epistemic ambience and produce knowledge and information in the areas of security and peace studies, which contribute to conflict resolution and peace building practices. Combining theory and practices, CSPS’s researchers conduct conflict and peace analysis and research to capture the complexity of conflict and peace development.

Peace Education, Training, and Capacity Building – CSPS provides expertises for education, training and capacity building in the field of conflict resolution and peace building to develop the capacity of multi-stakeholders of government and civil society in resolving conflict and building peace.

Rising Awareness, Networking, Peace Movement – CSPS designs tools for early warning, rising awareness, peace and conflict impacts assessment to prevent violent conflict which are based on sharing experiences and peace building lesson learnt to formulate strategic agendas for conflit prevention and peace building and building peace constituencies and collective non-violence movement.

Policy Dialogue and Changes – by way of applying reconciliation and transformative approaches, CSPS designs and implements policy dialogue for policy changes by developing peace-development framework, mechanism, and programs to achieve a sustainable peace and development.

Civil Society Engagement – as civil society engagement into policy making will significantly contribute to conflict prevention and peace building, CSPS’s activities oriented to develop good governance and strengthen civil society engagement into policy and decision making process, involving multi-stakeholders of government and civil society, for sustainable peace building.


CSPS has conducted activities which are included the following programmes and activities:

Security Sector Reform

Early Warning and Conflict Prevention

Conflict Resolution and Peace Building

Contact Address

Center for Security & Peace Studies (CSPS)
Gadjah Mada University
Sekip K-9 Yogyakarta 55281
Ph./Fax.: +62 (0274) 520733
E-mail: csps(at)ugm(dot)ac(dot)id ; csps-ugm(at)jmn(dot)net(dot)id


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